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The parent Company — Fire, Gas & Kiln (India) Pvt. Ltd. formed in 1978 and was engaged in manufacturing for all kinds of furnace except Arc and Induction Melting Furnace. Later on in 1991, FGK Thermal Pvt. Ltd. was formed to specially take care of furnaces in Electronic, Glass & Ceramic Industries. Since then the Company is headed by Mr. A. Dasgupta, Managing Director, who has experience in design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of various types of furnaces and kilns for about 40 years and is well known engineer in this field. Before initiating entrepreneurship, Mr. Dasgupta was in senior position with an Indo-German Company in India.

Our programme includes different types of Electrically Heated & Oil / Gas Fired Furnaces as per the following classifications :

For Electronics Industries :

Exhaust Oven, Baking Lehr, Frit Seal Lehr, Panel Baking and Stabilising Lehr, Blackening Furnace, Hydrogen Furnace for B & W and Colour Picture Tube and their parts.

For Glass Industries :

Annealing Lehrs, Decorating Lehrs, Glass Bending Lehr and Mould Drying Oven.

For Ceramic Industries

Pushbat Kiln, Tunnel Kilns, Roller Hearth Kilns, Shuttle Kilns, Chamber Kilns, Bell Kilns and Dryers.

Reference List that we have supplied lehrs and ovens for almost all manufacturers of Black & White and Colour Picture Tubes. Moreover, we are the first company in the country to develop critical Sintering Furnace of 1800°C for Sintering Nuclear Fuels for Department of Atomic Energy. We are also first in the country to develop Salt Bath Furnaces for Reheating Nuclear Fuel. Besides above, we have supplied various furnaces, ovens, etc. to various Government Departments, Private and Public Sectors as indicated in our enclosed Reference List.

Besides above, various service jobs for erection of Kilns & Lehrs of various foreign suppliers have been done by us. However, our Reference List is only for the turnkey jobs – design, manufacturing / supply, erection & commissioning without mentioning the service jobs of other design.

Drawing Office

FGK Team at Drawing Office

We are the only Indian manufacturer to manufacture Ovens, Lehrs for TV Picture Tubes – both Black and White and Colour. We are also the only Company in India to manufacture Kilns of up to 1800 °C. Besides construction of Kilns with our own technology we had constructed high temperature kilns for customers like Tata Refractories Ltd., IFGL Refractories Ltd.etc., under license from world giant Kerbedarf Keramic Engineering GmbH, Germany. We have also manufactured 4 nos. Annealing Furnaces (Lehrs) for Colour TV Glass Shell for the first time in India under license from Thermeq, USA. We are one of the first companies to build one of the longest Kilns in the world – 180 m long Tunnel Kiln for Silica Bricks under Technical Knowhow from Reidhammer, Germany.
 with the solid fuel conveying technology from Belarmar, Spain and combustion technology of ours, we have successfully commissioned a Tunnel Kiln of 1700 Degrees Centigrade with Petcoke Firing. We are the only company in India to manufacture Rebaking Tunnel Kiln for Graphite Electrodes. We have already commissioned 3 Tunnel Kilns at Hindustan Electro Graphite (HEG), Bhopal and 2 at Graphite India Ltd, Durgapur.

We have mainly three divisions namely, Commercial, Engineering and Manufacturing. Under these Divisions, Departments like Project, Design & Drawing, Planning & Inspection, Erection, Purchase, Finance & Administration exists. Each Department is headed by one Manager working under guidance of Managing Director. A team of Engineers & Officers (about 20) work in these departments with various staff, draughtsmen & technicians (about 30).

We have one manufacturing unit with modern facilities. We are also having a set of regular manufacturers who are trained to carryout our jobs in perfect standard. All these manufacturing units work independently as per manufacturing programme given by our Planning & Inspection Department headed by Managers/Engineers. For quality assurance, the Planning & Inspection Department acts as a separate inspecting agency to the individual works for inspection of manufacturing items in every stage as per the Quality Arrangement Plan (QAP). With the above facilities and organisational set up, we are regularly manufacturing furnaces under the technical knowhow from the following international principals :

  • BERALMAR TECHNOLOGIC S.A., Spain — For Solid Fuel Firing System
  • CTB, Germany (formed by Ex-Kerabedarf people) — For Kiln upto 1800°C
  • ITALFORNI S.R.L, Italy — For Kiln and Lehr upto 1500°C

FGK Team

FGK Team

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